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Food Angel Pop-up Store
Food Angel x PARKnSHOP "Share Food Share Love " Smart Food Donation Machine
Food Angel Thanksgiving Ceremony 2021
PARKnSHOP x Food Angel City Food Drive 2021
Food Angel We LINK We SHARE Carnival 2021
Jump for Love
Food Angel We LINK We SHARE Carnival 2020
PARKnSHOP x Food Angel City Food Drive 2019
Opening Ceremony of Food Angel 'Harvest Mill'
Food Angel Thanksgiving Luncheon 2018
Foodstep Journey Prize Presentation Ceremony
PARKnSHOP x Food Angel City Food Drive 2018
Food Angel x Shun Hing “Let’s Celebrate the Festive Season with More Dishes!”CNY Lunch
Mr. Li Ka Shing's Visit to Food Angel
PARKnSHOP x Food Angel City Food Drive
Hong Kong Jockey Club Integration Food Rescue and Food Assistance Programme
Foodstep Journey Experience Centre Opening Ceremony
Canstruction 2017
Mrs Lam’s Visit to Food Angel
PARKnSHOP x Food Angel City Food Drive 2016
Love Food and Hate Waste Kick-off Ceremony 2016
Canstruction 2016
Food Angel Thanksgiving Luncheon 2016
Food Angel "Love and Food Sharing”Food Recycling Program
Food Station Opening Ceremony 2016
Canstruction 2015
The Poverty Line at PMQ
Lam Tian Xing Charity Art Exhibition
Food Angel HK Kitchen Reallocation and Expansion Opening Ceremony
MX x Food Angel Charity Program
Canstruction 2014
“Food Angel Sham Shui Po Kitchen”Opening Ceremony & “Food Angel Jockey Club Food Rescue and Assistance Programme” Kick-Off
PARKnSHOP x Food Angel City Food Drive
MCP X Food Angel - Dine and Give event
MCP X Food Angel –Dine and Give event
Food Angel Poon Choi Meal
Love Food More Fun Education Promotion Kick-Off Ceremony
Food Angel Kitchen Grand Opening 2012
Canstruction 2012
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10 Years of Food Support
Food Angel - 1-minute Jump For Love Challenge
Food Angel Under Pandemic
Food Angel Cook-chill Meal
Food Angel Thanksgiving x Love
惜食堂中央食物處理中心- 惜食分餉站
Food Angel Volunteer
【愛食物惜地球之 惜食咪嘥】
Canstruction Hong Kong 2016
Food Angel Xmas Party 2016
Canstruction®2016 Highlight
The Food of Love
惜食堂 Paint Can Feed 全誠罐膳心
[Paint Can Feed]-Let's Support Paint Can Feed
[Paint Can Feed]-香港展能藝術會註冊藝術家陳冬梅介紹她的罐頭
[Paint Can Feed]-叙福樓集團執行董事/「窮富翁大作戰III」參加者黃傑龍介紹他設計的罐頭
[Paint Can Feed]-胡巴探訪惜食堂社區中心及支持全「誠」罐膳心活動
[Paint Can Feed]-藝人麥長青支持全『誠』罐膳心
[Paint Can Feed]-插畫師大泥 示範裝飾罐頭
[Paint Can Feed]-藝人龔嘉欣支持全『誠』罐膳心
[Paint Can Feed]-插畫師大泥 和小朋友一起裝飾罐頭
[Paint Can Feed]-藝人張振朗支持全誠罐膳心
[Paint Can Feed]-藝人謝寧支持全『誠』罐膳心
[Paint Can Feed] 插畫師大泥 介紹他設計的罐頭
[Paint Can Feed]-樂隊Supper Moment 撐全誠罐膳心
[Paint Can Feed]-導演黃修平談及罐頭給他的童年回憶
[Paint Can Feed]-資深營養師伍雅芬(Arlene)教你用罐頭食物做健康美食
[Paint Can Feed]-冷知識系列 陳慧心 (舞台劇演員)
[Paint Can Feed]-插畫師Jeanie Leung 介紹她的設計作品 (主題: 綠色生活)
[Paint Can Feed]-冷知識系列 C AllStar
[Paint Can Feed]-琳琳教你選擇適合的罐頭參加比賽
[Paint Can Feed]-楊志超 (住好啲創辦人及行政總裁) 介紹他設計的罐頭
[Paint Can Feed]-盛智文 (Allan Zeman) 介紹他設計的罐頭
[Paint Can Feed] 插畫師 Jeanie Leung分享繪畫小貼士
[Paint Can Feed]-Green Monday 聯合創辦人楊大偉介紹他設計的罐頭
[Paint Can Feed]-Cafe de Bollo 插畫師Helen Tam 介紹她設計的罐頭
[Paint Can Feed]-家燕媽媽話你知
[Paint Can Feed]-江美儀與深水埔街坊福利會小學學生一同支持全「誠」罐膳心
[Paint Can Feed]-Support Paint Can Feed
[Paint Can Feed]-Can Silde
[Paint Can Feed]-插畫師 Helen Tam (Cafe de Bollo) 示範裝飾罐頭
Canstruction Hong Kong 2015
Food Angel Thanksgiving
Food Angel - Thanksgiving x Love
Food Angel Promo Video_Jacky Cheung
CanstructionHK 2014
Bread Angel
Canstruction Hong Kong - Interviews
Canstruction Hong Kong 2012
WISH cable TV Food Angel