Line Break
by Bo Charity Foundation
We provide one-stop service for the whole food rescue process
Strict food safety protocols
to guarantee the best
hygiene standard
Collect 4 tons edible surplus
food from food industries
All cooked food items
must be maintained in
chilled or frozen temperature
prior to collection
Transport donated food items in thermal or cooling boxes
Here is our own
professional kitchen
Sterilize all
food containers
& utensils prior
to use
Prepare donated food item
Make hot
meal boxes
Food Testing: Supported
by Food Scan Analytic Ltd.
Daily laboratory test to ensure all
food items are in accordance with the
highest food safety standard
Keep hot meal boxes
in thermal boxes
for distribution
Distribute hot meal
boxes to individuals and
families in need
All hot meal boxes
must be consumed
within 1.5 hours
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Our food rescue & assistance programs
Food Rescue
It is estimated that 3,300 tons of food waste is dumped into the landfills every day and approximately one third of them comes from the food industry. Among the food wasted, a good quantity is still quality food that can benefit plenty of people in need.

We rescue an average of 4,000 kg of surplus food daily from going to the landfills.

Edible surplus food and receives food donations including
  • Fresh food
  • Canned/Non-perishable food
  • Oils & seasonings
  • Cooked foods
  • Frozen/Chilled foods

Please contact us if you have surplus food for donation.
Food Assistance
Currently, it is estimated that around 970,000 people are living in poverty in Hong Kong, among which over 30% are elderly citizens, and over 20% are children under the age of 18. On average, 1 in 3 HK elderly is living in poverty, and many of them are struggling to meet basic nutritional needs. Further, approximately 1 in 5 deprived children does not have three meals a day.

In this regard, it is Food Angel's mission to turn these otherwise wasted quality food into healthy and nutritious meals for those in need. Food Angel currently serves over 6,000 nutritious hot meals and food packs to more than 100 charity partners across Hong Kong every day.

Requirements/Criteria for Charity Partners
  • Registered charitable organization under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance
  • Organization that serves hot and nutritious meals or food packs to people in need of food assistance

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a Charity Partner.
We have other angels in service
Bread Angel
We work hand in hand with volunteers and local bakeries to help reduce food waste and help those who are in need of food assistance. Bread Angel volunteers collect unsold bakery products from bakeries at closing time and directly deliver to beneficiaries for their next day consumption.

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Corporate Angel
Food Angel offers a number of CSR programs for corporate volunteers. Through a spectrum of community events and team building activities, corporate volunteers can help reduce food waste at source and serve the people in need of food assistance by experiencing the daily works of Food Angel Food Rescue and Food Assistance Program, and help raise fund to support the free hot meal service.

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Green Angel
We offer a spectrum of educational activities throughout the school year to cultivate our young generation to cherish food and preserve the natural resources on earth.

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Outreach Angel
An outreach team is dedicated to delivering hot nutritious meal boxes, non-perishable food packs, and loving care to singletons and deprived elderly. Led by a well-experienced social worker, our community outreach food assistance service ensures that Food Angel better understands the needs of the underprivileged and in turn to better serve our communities.

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Community Angel
In October 2014, Food Angel Community Centre was established to provide free dine-in food assistance service for the vulnerable and frail elderly aged 65 and above in Sham Shui Po district.

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Foodstep Journey
Foodstep Journey is the first experience centre in Hong Kong established on the theme of cherishing food and caring for the community. During the journey, participants will be introduced to interesting facts about Food Wise, as well as issues of local and global food wastage and famine.

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2015 - 2016
Public Donation
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Trust
The Commuity Chest of Hong Kong
Adminstration Cost Sponsorship
Corporate Donation (Including: Corporate Angel)
Food Angel Community Centre Sponsorship
Fundraising Events
Lee Hysan Foundation
Hong Kong Airport Authority
2015 - 2016
Food Angel Food Rescue and Food Assistance Program
Other Service Programs
Assets (Kitchens, Storage and Logistics Equipment) Depreciation
Adminstration Expense
Fundraising Expense

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