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How We Work

Hi everyone, I am Rice Boy. Indeed, I am a grain of rice!
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FOOD STORAGE: Dry warehouse storing non-perishable food; refrigerator and freezer storing fresh vegetables and frozen food



Strict food safety protocols to guarantee the best hygiene standard

Prepare hot meals and conduct daily laboratory test to ensure all food items are in accordance with the highest food safety standard

Keep hot meals in thermal boxes for distribution

Distribute hot meals and food packs to individuals and families in need

Fresh Food and
Packaged Food

Bread and other
bakery items

Cooked Food

Collect edible surplus food from food industries daily


(From Food Donors)


(Food Angel)


(Food Angel Kitchen)


(Charity Partners)

Food Angel rescues edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry that would otherwise be disposed of as waste. Following strict safety protocols, the rescued food items will then be prepared as nutritious hot meals in our central kitchen and be redistributed to serve the underprivileged communities in Hong Kong.

Dayo Wong x Food Angel
Food Angel
Food Angel

Food Angel rescues edible surplus food from different sectors of the food industry that would otherwise be disposed of as waste which turn into nutritious hot meals for the needy. We currently rescue 35 tonnes of edible surplus food per week and prepare over 10,000 nutritious meals and 2,000 food packs daily free of charge for people who are in need of food assistance.

Corporate Angel

Corporate Angel engages corporates in performing their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) through their support for Food Angel’s mission, “Waste Not, Hunger Not, With Love”. Through a spectrum of CSR activities including Food Angel Food Preparation Program, Food Up-cycling Workshops, Talks, Community Events, and corporate initiated fundraising activities, corporate volunteers can help reduce food waste at the source and to serve the people in need of food assistance, and help raise funds for the program.

Green Angel

Green Angel is a comprehensive education program which includes activities such as introductory talks, field trips, reward schemes, and food upcycling workshops that aim at inspiring school children to cherish food, to care for the needy in our society, as well as to learn about food waste, hunger, and poverty issues.

Outreach Angel

Outreach Angel has been dedicated to delivering free nutritious hot meal, non-perishable food packs and loving care to the singletons, physically frail or disabled elderly in Shau Kei Wan and Sham Shui Po.

Community Angel

The Food Angel Community Centre in Sham Shui Po serves elderly, who live alone or who are facing a crisis situation and low-income families every day.

The Community Centre serves hot meals and hosts birthday parties, festive celebrations and interest classes with our beneficaries.

Foodstep Journey

Foodstep Journey is the first experience centre in Hong Kong that advocates the virtue of cherishing food and caring for the community. During the journey, participants will be introduced to interesting facts about ‘Food Smart’, as well as issues of food wastage and elderly poverty in Hong Kong.

At our centre, participants will become Rice Warriors and will challenge themselves to reduce their individual wastage. Through interactive games, virtual reality films and other activities, Rice Warriors will experience what ‘No Pain, No Grain’ really means and reflect on their responsibilities.